11 Dez

Northern Trust lanserer Crypto Custody Platform ‚Zodia Custody‘

Northern Trust lanserer en kryptovaktarm i samarbeid med Standard Chartered.

Det vil tilby en rekke depotløsninger til institusjonelle investorer.

Firmaet har for tiden en markedsverdi på 19,4 milliarder dollar

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Trust Project er et internasjonalt konsortium av nyhetsorganisasjoner som bygger standarder for åpenhet.

Northern Trust, et offentlig finanstjenestefirma med en markedsverdi på 19,4 milliarder dollar, vil lansere en felles plattform, kjent som Zodia Custody, sin første razzia for kryptovaluta.

Det har vært et stort år for institusjoner som involverer seg i blockchain-området, med selskaper som MicroStrategy, Square og PayPal som alle investerer i kryptovaluta eller tilbyr kryptobaserte produkter på sine plattformer.

Vi kan nå legge til et annet stort navn på listen da Northern Trust lanserer en kryptovaluta-forvaringsplattform kalt Bitcoin Up. Partnerskapet er et samarbeid med SC Ventures, venture-enheten til Standard Chartered.

I sin offisielle kunngjøring blir løsningen beskrevet som:

„Zodia kombinerer de tradisjonelle depotprinsippene og ekspertisen til en bank med smidigheten til et fintech-selskap for å tilby en infrastruktur som oppfyller de høye standardene og forventningene til institusjonelle investorer gjennom en plattform som tilpasser seg kundenes og markedets skiftende behov.“

Zodia vil tilby forvaring på en rekke digitale eiendeler, inkludert Bitcoin , Ethereum , XRP , Litecoin og Bitcoin Cash . Maxime De Guillebon, administrerende direktør i Zodia, forklarte:

“Zodia ble etablert for å imøtekomme behovet for en forvalter av kryptovaluta som virkelig forstår forvaring. Vi kombinerer risikostyring, samsvar, styring og sikkerhetstilnærming til en regulert finansinstitusjon med den nyskapende innovasjonen av krypto eiendeler og nøkkelhåndteringsteknologier. Ved å gjøre dette muliggjør vi effektivitet og transaksjonshastighet uten å gå på kompromiss med sikkerhet eller pålitelighet. ”

Mer legitimering i Crypto Space

Northern Trust satsning gir et annet lag av legitimering til rommet. Mange respekterer finansinstitusjonen. Etableringen av den nye depotarmen antyder at tradisjonelle finansielle organisasjoner endelig ser det forstyrrende potensialet i kryptokurver.

Etter hvert som flere milliarder dollar selskaper kommer inn i den nye aktivaklassen, vil andre institusjoner sannsynligvis bli mer komfortable med ideen om å investere i kryptovalutaer som Bitcoin .

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Crypto trader reportedly committed suicide after pleading for help from influencer

Crypto-influencer claims trader committed suicide after begging him for help for months.

As a result, @CryptoCobain cut their direct messages

In May, @ActualAdviceBTC also mysteriously died in Thailand, and Cobain retired from Twitter for a time.

On December 6, 2020, influencer Jordan Fish, known in the crypto community as KING CO ฿ IE or @CryptoCobain, shut down direct messages on his Twitter account. He did so after a trader who begged him for financial help allegedly committed suicide.

I closed my direct messages and I will not reopen them. Too many messages of “I’ll kill myself this weekend if you don’t give me 0.2 btc”, and one of them ended up being successful. RIP mate. Sorry I couldn’t help you

The popular crypto influencer, who has more than 181,000 subscribers, posted a tweet on Sunday saying he will no longer accept direct messages after the suicide of a trader he was in contact with. He said he had received too many suicide threats „unless he pays 0.2 BTC „.

It may be wrong, but I received his messages for 6 months. Unfortunately, I believe it. RIP

Cobain, a promoter whose real name is Jordan Fish and employed at Monzo Bank in the UK, said he could not confirm whether the alleged suicide actually took place. He said, however, that the deceased’s former romantic partner contacted him after the alleged suicide.

This isn’t the first time Cobain has publicly commented on a mysterious death. In May 2020, a young man named Ben, who was using the Twitter handle @ACTUALADVICEBTC, died suddenly in Thailand. Ben was a cult figure, popular on several social media platforms, including Steemit. At the time of his death, Cobain told Decrypt that Ben (probably his friend) had died in his sleep. He also provided a photo where they appeared together.

6 Dez

Protective wall for crypto technologies – Coinbase joins Square’s alliance

Coinbase wants to support the COPA in the fight against the aggressive use of patents.

The „Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance“ (COPA), which is led by the payment service provider Square, has won the large crypto exchange Coinbase as a new member

Square had the „Alliance for patent protection in the crypto industry“ in September established to build for the crypto industry a defense mechanism against the restriction of innovation by patents.

Coinbase legal advisor and COPA board member Brittany Cuthbert said in a statement from Allianz on Friday:

“In a steadily growing crypto economy, we see it as important that all projects have the freedom they need to be able to build an open financial system. […] We look forward to working with the other members of Bitcoin Pro to create a protective wall for basic technologies in our crypto industry. “

A patent often grants the applicant long-term protection for his innovation, which forbids competitors to offer similar products and services or to use certain technologies. Since the crypto industry was originally driven by a concept of freedom, many technologies in the industry are open source, i.e. freely usable. However, many large companies have since patents for their innovations registered , including for example Block.one and Samsung .

In this context, the statement explains:

“COPA believes that the success of cryptocurrencies depends on the crypto community coming together to build on existing technologies and create new innovations from them. However, that is not possible if some companies make basic technologies inaccessible through patents. “

Although COPA recognizes the real purpose of patents, the alliance warns that they are often misappropriated: “Even if patents offer meaningful protection in many cases, they are often used as an offensive tool of attack, which increases the growth of emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies massively threatened. We fear that basic crypto technologies will be hidden by the patents of a few, and that innovation and widespread adoption will be stifled. “

Years ago, nearly 12, a programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto has the white paper published that the foundation for Bitcoin ( BTC has laid). The subsequent “crypto revolution” was largely due to the fact that the technology behind the market-leading cryptocurrency is also open source.

„COPA strives to make the basic technologies of cryptocurrencies freely usable for everyone, and is therefore taking action against offensive patent protection,“ as it says in the communication.

COPA now has 18 members, including the crypto companies Square, Coinbase, Blockstream and Kraken. All members undertake to use their crypto patents only for defensive purposes.

23 Nov

The price of Bitcoin is close to $16,000, but it is Ethereum that can shine in November

After Bitcoin’s strong burst above $15,000, analysts are looking to Ether as market sentiment around Ethereum strengthens.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching $16,000 after reaching $15,960 at Binance. Following the rebound in the dominant cryptomone currency, analysts are now looking to Ether (ETH). The native token of the Ethereum Blockchain has seen greater momentum in the last week. After a poor performance against BTC in October, the likelihood of a further recovery for ETH is beginning to rise.

There are two key reasons why analysts expect Ether to perform strongly in the short term. First, Bitcoin’s market capital could move towards ETH after the announcement of Ethereum 2.0. Secondly, ETH has recently tested a critical resistance level, which increases the chances of a wider rally. Given that the altcoin market has historically recovered after an initial Bitcoin rally, the timing of an upward trend for ETH is ideal.

Capital to move from Bitcoin to Ether?

Since October 21st, the price of Bitcoin has risen by around 33%. It broke into major resistance areas, one after another, starting at $13,000. When Bitcoin initially exceeded $13,000, large whale aggregations formed at that level. It showed that the whales began to actively accumulate BTC, causing $13,000 to become a buffer zone.

After BTC claimed the $13,000 as a support level for the first time since July 2019, it continued to rise. Over time, it confirmed $13,500 as the next level of support, followed by $14,000 and, more recently, $15,000. When Bitcoin began to rise, analysts said it was negative for altcoins, as it began to absorb most of the crypto market volume. As a result, as Bitcoin recovered, many altcoins fell in value against both Bitcoin and the US dollar.

The overwhelming strength of Bitcoin from October to early November seriously affected the altcoin market, but Bitcoin’s price action has shown that upward market sentiment around cryptosystems has returned. Therefore, a clean break above $15,000 could cause more capital to be diverted into riskier plays, including Ether.

Denis Vinokourov, head of research at the exchange and Bequant broker, told Cointelegraph that Bitcoin capital could flow into the Ether and the Ethereum ecosystem. In the last 48 hours, the DeFi market has behaved particularly strongly after stagnating since early September.

DeFi tokens such as Yearn.finance’s YFI and Uniswap’s UNI increased by almost 30% after the Ether’s abrupt recovery. Vinokourov therefore stressed that the wider ecosystem of the Ether could soon benefit from the Bitcoin rally:

„All eyes can be on Bitcoin and the increase beyond the $15,000 level. However, the recent update on the development related to Ethereum may result in some of the capital being shifted back to Ethereum and its wider ecosystem“. This doesn’t mean that Bitcoin will be actively sold, but the trend of blocking Bitcoin Billionaire on the Ethereum network can be accelerated and put to work through oversold DeFi and DEX tokens such as Uniswap.

On Ether’s historical tendency to shoot up after a Bitcoin rally, traders have said that Ether could soon go up against Bitcoin. Michaël van de Poppe, a full-time trader at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, said the ETH/BTC trading pair has reached a significant support area. Van de Poppe said, „It took years, but $ETH reached the 0.026 area that we’ve been discussing a lot,“ referring to it as a large support area for ETH.

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 plays its part

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 in the imminent future is fundamental to Ether’s momentum, as updating the network would significantly increase ETH’s transaction capacity. This would allow the new DeFi cycle, if it emerges, to last for a long period because it would reduce the risk of network bottlenecks and high transaction rates. Since Ethereum 2.0 supports staking, allowing users to allocate 32 ETHs to the network in exchange for incentives, it could decrease ETH’s circulating supply in the exchanges.

According to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s blog post entitled „Why Proof of Stake“, Ethereum staking will reward users with a 15% return. Because the rate of return is based on ETH’s shares and not on the US dollar, if ETH’s price continues to increase, then the incentives for staking increase. As such, analysts expect more investors to accumulate ETH for staking, which would decrease selling pressure on it.

The market and community have anticipated Ethereum 2.0 for several years, but challenges have delayed its launch. Ethereum 2.0 has required several test networks with a huge amount of testing due to the complexity of the upgrade. The developers of Ethereum 2.0 wrote on the Github page of the Medal testing network:

„Before such a core network can be launched, we need test networks that mimic the conditions of the core network as best as possible. This requires that we have stable, long-term, persistent test networks in place that are supported not just by one client but by multiple clients, ideally all clients“.

The sentiment around Ether has become increasingly bullish because the launch of Ethereum 2.0 coincides with several favourable catalysts for ETH. A pseudonymous crypto-currency trader known as „Loma“ pointed to the fact that Ethereum 2.0 will remove about $1 billion from the market. While supply is falling, Bitcoin’s rebound is returning significant capital to crypto-currency, as the ETH/BTC trading pair is forming a bottom line.

The excitement around Ethereum 2.0 has intensified after Buterin’s personal wallet sent 3,200 ETH to an Ethereum 2.0 deposit address. According to the official Ethereum 2.0 launch notes from coordinator Danny Ryan, if there are 16,384 deposits from 32 ETHs seven days before December 1st, the Ethereum 2.0 update can begin. After years of research, testing and implementation, there is finally a deadline for the launch.

The approaching confluence of Ethereum 2.0, which would benefit the entire Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem in terms of scaling, and the strength of the ETH/BTC commercial pair makes a rebound in November and December more likely. It is also reported that ETH rose significantly in January 2018 to an all-time high of $1,419, almost a month after BTC reached its all-time high of $20,000.

17 Nov

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine News envia Bitcoin para uma nova alta de 2020

A Moderna Therapeutics anunciou resultados bem sucedidos de testes para sua vacina COVID-19. Isto enviou as ações da empresa para os céus, enquanto a Bitcoin cartografou uma nova alta para 2020.

A situação em torno de uma possível vacina para o novo coronavírus COVID-19 continua a se desenvolver.

Hoje, a Moderna Therapeutics, uma das maiores empresas farmacêuticas do mundo, anunciou que seus dados preliminares mostram que sua vacina contra o coronavírus é mais de 94% eficaz.

Isto fez com que o preço de suas ações subisse e os principais índices, que estão sendo negociados no verde após a abertura do mercado na segunda-feira. Isso não é tudo, porém, já que o preço do bitcoin também está em alta, registrando uma nova alta em 2020 acima de 16.600 dólares.

Moderna compartilha resultados positivos do teste da vacina COVID-19

Mais notícias positivas vieram hoje na frente da vacina COVID-19. Um dos principais desenvolvedores de medicamentos, Moderna Therapeutics, compartilhou a boa notícia em relação a sua vacina.

De acordo com um relatório da CNBC, os dados dos ensaios da fase preliminar três mostram que a vacina da empresa é mais de 94% eficaz na prevenção do vírus. Falando sobre o assunto foi o CEO da empresa, Stephane Bancel, que disse:

Esta análise interina positiva de nosso estudo da Fase 3 nos deu a primeira validação clínica de que nossa vacina pode prevenir a doença COVID-19, incluindo a doença grave.

Pouco depois das notícias, as ações da empresa dispararam. Isto também foi bem recebido de todo o mercado, pois os principais índices também estão negociando no verde. No momento em que este artigo foi escrito, o S&P 500 subiu mais de 1,1%, enquanto o NASDAQ e a Média Industrial Dow Jones também estão registrando aumentos similares.

A notícia chega logo depois que a Pfizer também anunciou o sucesso de seus testes de vacinas na semana passada.

Bitcoin sobe para um novo recorde anual acima de 16.600 dólares

Parece que a história está se repetindo. Quando a Pfizer anunciou os resultados bem-sucedidos de seus testes, o preço do bitcoin aumentou e quase quebrou a alta anual anterior. Entretanto, como a CryptoPotato relatou, a moeda criptográfica também se afundou em valor, perdendo 600 dólares muito pouco tempo depois, antes de ser capaz de se recuperar.

Agora, as coisas parecem um pouco semelhantes, embora, no momento em que escrevemos este artigo, a BTC esteja subindo. Conseguiu atingir uma alta intradiária de $16.640 em Binance, deixando a alta anual anterior bem para trás.

Resta saber, entretanto, se a moeda criptográfica pode sustentar este impulso ou se veremos uma repetição da última vez. No momento em que escrevemos este texto, a BTC negocia em torno de 16.600 dólares.

6 Nov

DeFi ralentit, mais les prix des crypto et des bitcoins pourraient bien finir l’année en beauté

Le volume des transactions sur les bourses décentralisées a ralenti, mais les prix BTC et la limite du marché des cryptocurrences sont à des niveaux jamais atteints. L’année 2017 est-elle de nouveau à nos portes ?

Alors que l’année touche à sa fin, le prix du bitcoin, la limite du marché des cryptocurrences, et le marché décentralisé (DEX) Uniswap semblent être les gagnants de 2020 selon un rapport de CoinGecko, un répertoire des prix de la cryptographie.

2020 : une année haussière pour le prix du bitcoin

Bien que le prix du bitcoin ait chuté en mars, en même temps que la plupart de l’économie, en raison de la fermeture du marché mondial à cause du Covid-19, au cours des dernières semaines d’octobre et début novembre, la cryptocouronne a atteint son plus haut niveau depuis plusieurs années, atteignant hier la barre des 15 000 dollars.

En octobre, le prix du bitcoin a fait un bond de 28%, terminant le mois avec la meilleure performance depuis le crash boursier de mars 2020, selon CoinGecko. L’élan de Bitcoin continue de le propulser vers le haut, bien qu’il ne soit pas tout à fait au plus haut historique de 20 000 $ le 17 décembre 2017.

La raison de la flambée actuelle des prix de bitcoin est remarquablement différente de celle d’il y a trois ans. En 2020, le bitcoin et les autres devises cryptographiques sont en passe de devenir un actif institutionnel. Comme nous l’avons largement rapporté sur Forkast.News, toutes les pièces se mettent en place. Une industrie de la conservation est en train d’émerger. Les régulateurs américains sont de plus en plus favorables à la cryptographie. Même PayPal, qui était autrefois hostile à la cryptoconférence, permet désormais aux utilisateurs d’acheter des bitcoins sur sa plateforme.

La capitalisation boursière de Cryptocurrency atteint son plus haut niveau annuel

Ce qui est bon pour l’oie est bon pour le jars, dit le vieux dicton. Selon les recherches de CoinGecko, la capitalisation boursière globale de la cryptoconnaissance a atteint un sommet de 378 milliards de dollars à la fin du mois d’octobre.

Bien que cela soit dû en partie à la hausse du prix du bitcoin et à l’adoption générale de la cryptoconnaissance par les institutions, l’été grésillant de la finance décentralisée (DeFi) a également joué un rôle.

DeFi, à qui l’on reproche l’obstruction des tuyaux virtuels d’Etherum, est également responsable de l’intérêt porté à la construction de nouvelles chaînes de blocs comme Solana. Récemment, la société stable USD Coin (USDC) a annoncé qu’elle élargirait son offre pour inclure Solana – des pièces similaires ont été créées pour d’autres chaînes de blocs. La liquidité que cela apporte favorise l’adoption de nouvelles chaînes de blocs et, par conséquent, augmente le prix des bitcoins et la capitalisation boursière globale d’autres devises cryptographiques.

Uniswap est le nouveau roi, mais le DEX peut être hexagonal

À la fin de l’été de DeFi et au fur et à mesure que le marché s’est affaibli, le volume des échanges décentralisés a naturellement baissé lui aussi.

Un certain nombre de DEX ont vu leurs volumes chuter abruptement, et beaucoup ont fait faillite à cause de l’implosion des projets DeFi et du déplacement des actifs des négociants vers d’autres pays. Selon M. CoinGecko, le volume des DEX en octobre a chuté de 9,4 milliards de dollars, soit un taux négatif de 32 %, sur l’ensemble des bourses de cryptocourants. Uniswap a été le plus durement touché, avec la plus grosse perte de 5,5 milliards de dollars, soit un résultat négatif de 59 %.

Mais comme Uniswap est le plus important de tous, il a réussi à traverser la tempête et à survivre – voire à augmenter sa part de marché. Selon les rapports, elle est maintenant fixée à 69 %, contre 66 % au début du mois.

4 Nov

Warum es für Paypal so wichtig war, den Krypto-Raum zu betreten?

Paypal, einer der größten Online-Zahlungsverarbeiter der Welt, ist in den Krypto-Raum eingetreten. Der Plan war ursprünglich angedeutet worden, in Zusammenarbeit mit einer der Kryptoplattform Paxful auszurollen.

Wie wird Papal am besten profitieren?

Diese Ankündigung brachte Bitcoin Rush auf ein neues Niveau, das das Allzeithoch von 2020 übertraf. Nun sind Gerüchte über Paypals Pläne zur Übernahme von BitGo, einer Brieftasche mit Kryptogeld, auf dem Markt weit verbreitet.

Dies war ein erstaunlicher Schritt des Unternehmens, denn in der Vergangenheit hatte der Ex-CEO von Paypal Bitcoin als „größten Betrug“ bezeichnet. Und jetzt ist der derzeitige CEO Daniel Schulman Eigentümer von Bitcoin.

Paypal behauptete, dass es eine „bedingte Bitlizenz“ vom New Yorker Außenministerium für Finanzdienstleistungen erworben habe. Mit mehr als 26 Millionen Händlern weltweit ist der Krypto-Raum nun sehr erpicht auf eine breitere Einführung von Krypto.

Der wichtigste Haken bei Paypal wären die Transaktionsgebühren. Da der Krypto-Raum derzeit mit den hohen Transaktionsgebühren zu kämpfen hat, könnte Paypal das Problem mit sofortiger Wirkung angehen.

Gegenwärtig werden bis zum 31. Dezember 2020 für jeden Kauf und Verkauf keine Transaktionsgebühren erhoben. Später dürften die Gebühren im Vergleich dazu sehr viel geringer ausfallen, da sie in USD und nicht in der ETH erhoben würden.

Wenn das Hauptproblem gelöst ist, wird daher erwartet, dass mehr Menschen die Paypal-Plattform annehmen werden. Tatsächlich kann Paypal auch als einer der grössten Konkurrenten für die kommende ETH2.0-Plattform angesehen werden.

Zukunft der Blockchain mit Paypal

Der aktuelle Schritt wird als einer der fruchtbarsten für den Krypto-Raum angesehen. Paypal hat die größte Benutzer- und Händlerbasis der Welt. Daher können die Kunden, die Paypal bereits nutzen, Zugang zum Krypto-Raum haben, und der Krypto-Raum könnte sich auch auf der Plattform von Paypal verschieben.

Auf der anderen Seite werden auch die Händler ermutigt, die bereits auf Paypal sind und Krypto-Währungen nur ausprobieren wollen. Gegenwärtig unterstützen sie nur 4 Kryptos, Bitcoin, Bitcoin-Cash, Litecoin und Ethereum, aber die Zukunftspläne beinhalten viele andere Vermögenswerte.

Die breitere Einführung könnte zu einer breiteren Akzeptanz der Kryptos in jedem Sektor führen, was wiederum die Vorteile einer Blockkettenplattform überlagern könnte.

Die derzeitige Bitcoin-Blockchain ist populär, hat aber im Vergleich zu den anderen Plattformen wie Solana oder ETH2.0 nur begrenzte Transaktionen. Wenn die neuen Projekte auf Paypal getestet werden, dann könnten sie auch populärer werden als Bitcoin oder Ethereum.

Insgesamt ist jeder positive Schritt, der bei der Einführung von Blockchain und Kryptos helfen könnte, in der Kryptowelt sehr willkommen. Die einzige Sorge wäre jedoch, dass Paypal diesen Dienst nicht aussetzen sollte, wie es dies tat, bevor es Kryptos als „illegal“ bezeichnete.

31 Okt

Il mercato sta dimostrando che il Bitcoin è „l’ultimo rifugio sicuro“ – Anthony Pompliano

La Bitcoin ha ancora una volta una correlazione zero con le azioni e i critici hanno sbagliato a dubitare del suo status di rifugio sicuro, dice il co-fondatore della Morgan Creek Digital.

Bitcoin (BTC) „non potrebbe essere più non correlato“ con il mercato azionario, dice Anthony Pompliano, poiché i dati mostrano che BTC si sta lasciando alle spalle le macro attività.

In una serie di tweet del 26 ottobre, il co-fondatore della Morgan Creek Digital, noto anche come „Pomp“, ha preso a cuore le critiche per le loro accuse secondo cui il Bitcoin sarebbe stato un povero magazzino di valore.

Pomp sul porto sicuro Bitcoin: „Il mercato lo sta dimostrando“

Pompliano ha caricato un grafico dalla piattaforma di analisi del comportamento Santiment, che mostrava Bitcoin a 0 per una correlazione di 30 giorni con l’S&P 500.

„Non potrebbe essere più non correlato di quanto lo sia ora“, ha aggiunto nei commenti.

Proseguendo, Pompliano ha evidenziato che Bitcoin ha battuto i rendimenti dei macro asset dopo il crash del Coronavirus nel marzo di quest’anno.

„Allora, come è andato il Bitcoin durante la crisi economica? Ha sovraperformato le azioni, le obbligazioni, l’oro, il petrolio e praticamente tutto il resto. Ha anche una bassa o nulla correlazione su un qualsiasi lasso di tempo materiale“, ha riassunto.

„Il Bitcoin è il rifugio sicuro per eccellenza e il mercato lo sta dimostrando“.

Circolando 13.150 dollari, BTC/USD ha offerto agli investitori rendimenti anno su anno dell’83%, contro il 24% per l’oro e il 6% per l’S&P 500, dati provenienti dalla risorsa di monitoraggio a catena Skew confermano.

Per Pompliano, la precedente correlazione tra Bitcoin e questi asset era solo un fenomeno a breve termine indotto dagli eventi di marzo.

„Durante le crisi di liquidità, tutte le correlazioni di asset tendono a 1. Questa era una cosa temporanea ed è successo all’oro, alle azioni, ecc.

Non c’è più alcuna correlazione?

Come ha riferito il Cointelegraph, si sta costruendo un consenso sul fatto che la Bitcoin non solo sta abbandonando la sua correlazione con gli stock e altri, ma che questo sarà uno spartiacque definitivo che non verrà invertito.

Tra coloro che promuovono l’idea c’è Willy Woo, lo statistico e creatore della risorsa dati Woobull, che continua a raddoppiare il Bitcoin colpendo il Bitcoin da solo il prima possibile.

„Il disaccoppiamento è alle porte“, ha twittato la settimana scorsa.

„Ha senso che BTC continuerà ad essere correlata nel trading a breve termine; ma non nei tempi più lunghi. BTC è un rifugio sicuro, solo che il „risk-on“ (che significa che è molto nuovo) sta distorcendo questo fatto“.

28 Okt

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust a fait la une des journaux ces derniers mois. Voici comment cela fonctionne et ce que cela signifie pour l’espace cryptographique.

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust est un véhicule financier qui permet aux investisseurs d’échanger des actions dans des fiducies détenant de grands pools de Bitcoin

Les actions du fonds suivent le prix du Bitcoin, mais seulement approximativement.

Grayscale propose également plusieurs autres produits négociés en bourse, notamment le suivi d’Ethereum, de Bitcoin Cash et de Litecoin.

Il existe un moyen d’investir dans Bitcoin directement sur le marché boursier: le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) . C’est l’un des nombreux véhicules financiers de ce type permettant aux investisseurs de négocier des actions de fiducies qui détiennent de grands pools de Bitcoin, chaque action étant évaluée à un prix presque suffisant au prix du Bitcoin .

En octobre 2020, le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust représente 6,5 milliards de dollars d’actifs Bitcoin à capitaux privés. Grayscale, une société américaine d’investissement dans la cryptographie qui est l’un des plus gros acheteurs de Bitcoin au monde, a lancé la fiducie en septembre 2013. Elle se négocie sous «GBTC».

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust détient 456 537 Bitcoin, soit 58% des 786 059 Bitcoin détenus par des sociétés cotées en bourse, selon Bitcointreasuries.org

Le Trust a fait la une des journaux en raison de sa croissance rapide. Le 9 juin 2020, le Trust détenait 384 953 Bitcoin. Cela marque une augmentation d’environ 70 Bitcoin en quatre mois et demi.

26 Okt

Pourquoi PayPal recherche-t-il des sociétés de cryptographie pour acquérir quelques jours seulement après l’annonce du support pour Bitcoin?

Selon un nouveau rapport de Bloomberg, le processeur de paiement PayPal explorerait les sociétés centrées sur la crypto-monnaie à acheter,

y compris le dépositaire de crypto BitGo. Cela survient quelques jours seulement après que PayPal a confirmé son entrée dans l’espace cryptographique en lançant un service d’achat et de vente de crypto pour ses clients.

PayPal s’apprête à acquérir BitGo et d’autres sociétés de cryptographie

Bloomberg cite des sources proches du dossier, qui ont révélé que PayPal était actuellement en pourparlers pour acheter BitGo pour un montant non divulgué. BitGo, un dépositaire crypto soutenu par Goldman Sachs, est sans aucun doute l’un des plus grands fournisseurs de garde cryptographique du secteur. Il fournit actuellement des services de garde aux principales sociétés de cryptographie telles que Nexo, Binance et Coinbase.

Les sources anonymes ont indiqué que PayPal et BitGo pourraient achever le processus d’acquisition dans quelques semaines. Cependant, la source a précisé à Bloomberg que les pourparlers en cours sont loin de toute conclusion concrète. „Les pourparlers pourraient encore s’effondrer et PayPal pourrait choisir d’acheter d’autres cibles.“

Les rapports selon lesquels PayPal achète des sociétés de cryptographie font suite à l’annonce de la société selon laquelle elle va commencer à autoriser ses 346 millions de clients à acheter, vendre et détenir des bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash et Litecoin sur sa plate-forme. En tant que tel, l’intérêt de PayPal à acheter BitGo n’est pas sans fondement, car il nécessitera les services d’un dépositaire crypto pour prendre en charge sa nouvelle offre cryptographique.

PayPal est apparemment en train de passer à tapis dans la crypto. Dans son annonce de mercredi, la société de paiement a également révélé qu’elle s’associerait au fournisseur de services d’actifs numériques Paxos pour son entreprise de cryptographie. L’acquisition de BitGo renforcerait davantage la conviction que PayPal est prêt à se lancer sur le marché de la cryptographie.

Alors que certains dirigeants de l’industrie comme le PDG de Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, ne sont pas ravis du service de cryptage de PayPal car il néglige les principes fondamentaux et les avantages de la crypto-monnaie, le marché a réagi positivement. Le prix de la crypto-monnaie dominante a franchi le niveau de 13000 $ après la nouvelle.

Il convient de noter que ni PayPal ni BitGO n’ont encore confirmé les rumeurs d’acquisition.